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At-Ease™ Megadose 2 Dose Syringe from Select
At-Ease™ Megadose 2 Dose Syringe from Select - $13.95
Item Code: 03-784299206
One 60 cc tube contains 2 doses.
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At-Ease™ Supplement from Select
At-Ease™ Supplement from Select - $36.95
Item Code: 03-784299200
At-Ease™ 3 LB 90 Day Supply
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HylaRx Complete from Select
HylaRx Complete from Select - $72.95
Item Code: 03-371-1 or 03-371-2

Available 2 1/2 Pound Container(03-371-1) $72.95/30 day supply for one horse or 5 Pound Container(03-371-2) $125.95

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Legacy Pellets from Select
Legacy Pellets from Select - $40.95
Item Code: 03-12569836
5 pound container/40 day supply for one horse. Legacy is a supplement specifically designed for senior horses. Compounds proven to support the joint, connective tissue and soft tissue are added to Legacy. Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate are added ingredients for improved joint support. Yucca is added as a natural ingredient. Ester-C« and Vitamin E have been also added. More Info
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Mrs. Pastures Cookie Treats for Horses
Mrs. Pastures Cookie Treats for Horses - $16.95
Item Code: 03-306-1

America's #1 Horse Treat - Made with all natural ingredients - No preservatives - Made in America - They are dehydrated so they are hard & crunchy - Will not fall apart in your pocket - Excellent shelf life - 32 oz. jar

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MSM from Select
MSM from Select - $15.95
Item Code: 03-371-31 or 03-13451552

Select MSM contains ultra pure methylsulfonylmethane. Select is your guarantee of quality and purity. 2 lb container-92 day supply for one horse(03-371-31) $15.95 or 4 lb. containter(03-13451552) $29.95.

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Nu-Image from Select 10 lb Bucket
Nu-Image from Select 10 lb Bucket - $52.00
Item Code: 03-18735640
Nu-Image Supplement from Select is a nutritional supplement for performance horses. Scientically formulated to use with all supplements and feeds safely, or can be used alone. A fatty acid supplement with Biotin, Zinc and Amino Acids, quality Show Coat in as little as 10 days, stays fresh and palatable, easy to feed and economical.

10 pound Bucket - 160 day supply for one horse

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Perfect Prep EQ Extreme Paste
Perfect Prep EQ Extreme Paste - $21.00
Item Code: 03-EXTREME
PERFECT PREP EQ EXTREME paste uses natural ingredients to provide profound, targeted, relaxing effects for horses under stressful conditions. This formula is provided in an easy to use oral paste syringe that contains 80Ml of PERFECT PREP EQ EXTREME. More Info
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Perfect Prep EQ Gold Paste
Perfect Prep EQ Gold Paste - $25.00
Item Code: 03-GoldPaste
PERFECT PREP EQ GOLD paste uses natural ingredients that are known to create sustained relaxation and focus during stressful conditions. This unique formula offers the horseman the option of creating a quieter, more focused horse for extended periods of time, using only safe and ethical ingredients. More Info
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Perfect Prep EQ™ Supreme
Perfect Prep EQ™ Supreme - $23.00
Item Code: 03-SUPREME
Perfect Prep EQ Supreme is quick acting, targeted calming support with Vitamin BeHave that boosts the effect.
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